Marketing is for losers close

this is 0MRKT, an italian thing created by me and my friends.
We’re common people and freelance creative professionals, working within the market.
But here. We. 0MRKT.

What is 0MRKT?

0MRKT is zeromarket: our stories and other things to imagine.


0MRKT is an utopian core.
0MRKT is a collector.
0MRKT is a website (thank you so much Sergio!).
0MRKT is a crew.
0MRKT is a tag.
0MRKT is a joke.
0MRKT is an empty space to fill.
0MRKT is a game.
0MRKT is a factory.
0MRKT is a garden.
0MRKT is a work.
0MRKT is a lab.
0MRKT is a story.
0MRKT is an idea.
0MRKT is a DIY brand.
0MRKT is something to discuss and feed.
0MRKT is a place to find.
0MRKT is a research and a gift.
0MRKT is a liquid collective.
0MRKT is an artistic project.
0MRKT is me, you and everyone we know.
0MRKT is […]

In few words:

0MRKT is a DIY brand born to spread multimedia stories, by searching, creating, producing, supporting and promoting new visions and languages, cultural events and contents, lateral thinkings and utopian cores with positive vibes, no matter what the market says. Because marketing is for losers.

So, let’s win.

0MRKT will share more or less one story/work every X.


We’ll see!

Do you need MORE INFO & CONTACT?

Write an e-mail here:[at]

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